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two minutes before the hour, if you want to be happy take a trip to hawaii. according to twitter, people are the happiest in america. researchers went through more than ten million tweets from 2011 to map out people's moods and they found the beach filled state of hawaii tops the list and louisiana was the saddest state. >> perhaps the cutest video of the day. a baby elephant in thailand having too much fun playing in the ocean. he is a tourist there by diving into the water and rolling around in the surf.
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how cute is that? finally, good, bad and ugly, two seals rescued from new york beaches. those are being nursed back to health and be released back to the wild closer to their homes. now to the bad... is that how bobcat sounds? they are battling over their homes after feuding a few minutes, they decided to go separate ways. they howl and the ugly. five twlgs walking away from a detention center and stealing an suv and police caught with them after they crashed into a house. no one was hurt. thanks everybody for joining us today. fox and friends starts right now. >> gretchen: good morning, today is wednesday. it's february 20th, 2013.
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thank you for sharing your time with us. a massive explosion leaving a shopping district in ruins. now, they are bringing in cadaver dogs. new details on what went wrong. >> steve: meanwhile, the cuts the country were about to face were president obama's idea but he is hoping you don't remember that. >> they are not fair and they will hurt our economy and add hundreds of thousands of americans to the unemployment rolls. >> steve: no wonder he doesn't want to take credit for it. new blame game. >> brian: how much does this woman love president obama. so much so voted them for six times. fox and friends starts now.
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fox and friends, brian, welcome back. where did you do go and did you miss us? >> first off the chinese hacked my blackberry i can't open up any of my emails. i should have put the back on first. >> steve: see if it works? >> gretchen: i thought that congress' approval waiting went up 15%. all right. in the meantime, as he fixes his blackberry let's get positive to a developing story. stay tuned on to fox and friends report. >> they are charging pre-med dated murder. they found steroids in his home. good morning, amy. >> investigators say they found
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two boxes of steroids and needles in oscar pistorius' home. a sigh, a real sigh went across the courtroom and then the defense says those were actually herbal remedies. then another explosive moment in the courtroom when investigators said witnesses claim to have heard screaming and shouting an hour before the shooting occurred. again gasps in the courtroom when the defense pointed out that those witnesses lived a third of a mile away from oscar pistorius. we have wildly different accounts of what happened o in the early morning hours. pistorius maintains that he and his girlfriend were sleeping and he woke up and went out to the balcony to bring a fan inside. he heard a noise and thought there was an intruder and particularly vulnerable he grabbed a gun and fired through the bathroom.
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prosecution says that he put the time n those prosthetic legs on, walked to the bathroom where he fired four shots through the door. three of them hitting reeva steenkamp who was cowering a locked door after a big argument. other facts that came out today in that bail hearing that detectives found some illegal ammunition for a 38 caliber weapon. also pistorius has bank accounts aproduct and a house in italy that brings up the issue of slight risk which is central to this bail hearing but pistorius did say in an affidavit he would be willing to turn over his passport. it continues here and the hearing is expected to last a few more days. >> any explanation on the bloody cricket bat? >> yes, it came up and the pistorius claimed when he finally realized that was reeva
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steenkamp his girlfriend in the bathroom and not an intruder the door was locked. is that another issue why would an intruder lock himself into bathroom door and if she was locked in there, she was locked in that for a reason. he claimed that he put his prosthetic legs on and tried to bash through the door and recover reeva steenkamp and the bat somehow became bloody. stories he may have attacked her with the correct it bat before he picked up his gun and shot her. >> what a story. >> gretchen: we're hearing so many details because they don't have a jury trial over there. this is amazing to see this statement that he read in court. it was very lengthy and that would never happen in american court. >> another fox alert, a massive explosion in kansas city last
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night. they are using dogs to search through four feet of rubble. blast destroyed jj's restaurant and sent 14 people to the hospital. people reported smelling gas earlier in the day. restaurant evacuated minutes before it exploded. they said it felt like an earthquake. >> he stepped out the door, it wasn't two minutes when we were grabbing our stuff and the explosion hits you like a shock wave and you feel the heat from the fire came into my apartment. i could feel the heat. >> gretchen: it sent debris flying hundred feet in the air. they believe a contractor hit an underground line causing blast. >> u.s. is trying to prevent other countries from engaging in cyber espionage. shocking report from cyber
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security firm says this is the building in shanghai where thousands of hacking attacks originated and it could have a chilling effect on our economy. >> what they do with that is impact employment in our country and impact competitive advantage of our companies. >> gretchen: president obama bypassed congress and issued an executive order. $1.6 billion vanished on his watch. now jon corzine may be banned for trading for life. they will move tomorrow to ban the former democratic governor of new jersey. he is reported to start a hedge fund. vice presidential biden .... >> if you want to protect yourself get a double barrel shotgun, after the shems of a .12 gauge shotgun, if there is ever a problem, i told my wife,
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walk out on the blaine and put that double barrel shotguns and fire two blachtsd outside the house. he will never come in. you don't knee an ar-15. >> gretchen: he said it during a facebook townhall. he says he doesn't believe there should be any changes to the second amendment. >> if you hear noises in some wood. what if boy scouts are lost? >> i think bananas are surrounded by 20 of the greatest snipers in the world. let's talk about what happened in washington, d.c. the president returned from a round of golf with tiger woods and tried to stare america. he said these big automatic spending cuts and they are going n march 1st. they are going to wind up with all those people standing behind
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them and all those people are going to lose their jobs. what the president forgot to tell them the sequester, big cuts was his idea blaming republicans. >> simple choice. are they willing to compromise to protect vital investments in education, healthcare and national security and all the jobs that depend on them or would they rather put hundreds of thousands of on jobs and entire economy at risk to protect the wealthiest americans and biggest corporations. >> brian: and if he wondered about the props. >> gretchen: 800,000 people are going to be losing their jobs from the military and i wonder if those people standing behind them are from the pentagon. i don't want anybody to lose their job. but it is interesting that the comments did focus on the
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members of military. >> brian: $85 billion and $1.2 trillion in the next ten years and half of that money comes out the have the pentagon. i think republicans agreed with it but this is thrust postpone us. it was over a year we knew about at the questions terrify. why weren't we negotiating through december and then you have january and here we are couple weeks away and the president is going with this shame attack followed by speaker boehner, your solution to get us to raise taxes after we agreed to raise taxes. now, they say the rich have to pay their fair share again. maybe we should focus on facebook who paid no money in taxes last year or g.e. who did exactly the same thing. >> gretchen: it works last time. shaming the republicans worked.
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they decided to raise taxes and in the public image and public opinion it worked last time to blame reopens. why wouldn't you try it again? a lot of people say like a campaign speech instead of getting back down to being the president of the united states and going over to capitol hill and trying to find a compromise. that is what a lot of americans would like to see is everybody working together instead of this and this and this. >> steve: i don't think a lot of people were paying attention because president armageddon as he was referred to today, he tried to scare everybody. this is an old ploy, these budget cuts are going to impact the whole government. that is not true. all those people behind him who he suggested might lose their jobs, keep in mind with the budget cuts it would be the administration that would select what is cut. so if those people would lose their jobs, it would be the president who selected those
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people to those jobs. republicans have been trying the talk him out of sequester and he is threatening to veto it. back in 2011. >> some are some in congress is trying to undo the automatic spending cuts. my message to them is simple -- no. i will veto any effort to get rid of those automatic spending cuts, domestic and defense spending. there will be no easy off ramps on this one. >> gretchen: this is what confuses the issue, people can't remember. what did he say back in november of 2011. who is really, simple stupid, the simple message works and that is what this president is so effective in doing. he is messaging. he is bringing republicans and it worked last time and it acquiesced and it worked last
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time. >> steve: meanwhile, you know on american idol hit show on fox, one of great things about it you can vote as many times as you wanted for the winner. american idol is different than the federal elections, one person, one vote. that however apparently lost on a woman by the name of meloise richardson a poll worker in cincinnati, ohio. it's been suggested he has voted as many as six times. listen to this. >> i voted twice. >> there is no intent to commit voter fraud. >> she poll and she voted absentee and then four other people from her address voted absentee. officials don't know whether she actually voted or there were people -- you've heard about people come to live in certain districts to try and swing the
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votes one way or another. >> steve: one of 19 people expected of illegal voting on hamilton county. they are being investigated. >> all those absentee votes all in the same handwriting. >> brian: russia just made a shocking move against america. why we all need to be concerned next. >> steve: then she telling lawmakers he is the lawmaker telling women don't worry about the man about to attack you, fight him off with a whistle. how about advice women can actually use. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ]
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two nuclear armed bombers circled the u.s. territory of guam before being intercepted by jet. is this proof that russia is a greater threat than the u.s. that the administration has led on and doesn't want to tell us. bill girtz joins us from washington. what do you read into this? >> well, i think it's pretty clear when i asked the air force spokeswoman why they are doing this, she told me to ask the russians which was a joke. i think its simulated attack on the united states. this is the third incident where bombers have come close to the coast. last one in june was a major strategic exercise where a russian general said they were practicing targeting our missile defense bases in alaska and california. >> brian: what has response been? >> silence. the administration is trying to val aj a reset policy.
3:20 am
it's been pretty much a disaster. u.s. makes concessions and the russians continue on more aggressive and anti-democratic posture. >> brian: why do you think that is? back when bush talked to vladimir putin was talking about a new era? >> russians under putin are trying to move back into the soviet period. they see that as glory days. they are rebuilding their military, they are building up their nuclear forces in a major way. at the same time the u.s. is getting ready for further nuclear cuts. >> brian: that is happening right now. we want to cut our arsenal by another third. there has been no response. secretary of state kerry picked up the phone to talk to his counterpart and no return call until yesterday? >> yes. one of chief arm's negotiators was in russia almost the same time as this bomber incident
3:21 am
occurred and she never raised the issue. she is trying to get a new round of arms talks going. >> brian: politically everything is going internally in russia, everything they go is wrong, they bring it back to america. they try to make an anti-american feeling in russia. is it working? >> i think the russian people look at u.s. as a beacon of freedom and want that. the pitin regime has taken russia back to the soviet days. he is appealing to the hard-liners in the military who are in the midst of this military build-up. >> brian:, bill, thanks so much. straight ahead, it's crazy story, a girl catches fire in the hospital. doctors say they have never seen anything like it. he is the lawmaker telling women -- don't worry about the man about to attack you, just grab your whistle. next, some advice you can actually use. ♪
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>>. >> steve: quick headlines, sad end to a search for missing canadian in california. they found them in a water tank. woman was last seen three weeks ago and they are trying to figure out if she was murdered or the victim of a crazy act. firefighters battling a massive fire in kansas city. green circle grow -- no word of any injuries at this point. >> over to you.
3:26 am
>> gretchen: joe salazar is backing down from comments he made earlier this week claiming women under attack don't need guns. it was his alternative that made women across the country even angrier. >> we have call boxes. that is why we have safe zones. that is why we have the whistles because you just don't know who you are going to be shooting at. you don't know if you feel like you are going to be raped or if you feel like someone has been following you around or if you feel like you are in trouble and when you may not be that you pop out that gun and you pop around at somebody. >> gretchen: whistle and car box good enough? with us is jennifer a certified self-defense instructor. i always love when men who maybe don't understand the threat of being attacked as women do think
3:27 am
they have advice. you brought up a fascinating point, if the safe boxes and whistles were enough we wouldn't have rape and assault on college campuses and elsewhere? >> we are looking at a situation where a hundred percent of college campuses do have assault. we are looking at statistics every 21 hours there is a rape on a college campus. obviously if these call boxes and things like whistles they are working we wouldn't wouldn't have it continuing. >> gretchen: so you teach a myriad of things. one is education and having a plan? >> it really isn't about one size fits all. personal safety is a personal choice. it's really having a fun. know what your options around know what you can do in that type of situation and what is going apply to that specific situation. have a plan. if you have a plan in advance, it's much better than try trying to think of it on flight.
3:28 am
>> gretchen: anymore one is tools like a whistle or even a pen but sometimes that is not enough? >> can be effect f you are trained to use them properly. it's all coming back to having that plan and knowing what you need to do but sometimes that isn't enough. >> gretchen: you recommend deadly force to escape the worse-case scenario? >> sometimes that is frightening to hear but when you realize in every state a woman has a right using deadly force if they are being attacked or assaulted, that is right that every woman has. >> gretchen: somebody who teaches women to be safe what would your personal reaction in hearing that? >> i think it's a little outrageous and unfortunate. personal safety whatever side you land on it is a personal choice. you are talking about a life-threatening situation.
3:29 am
in many cases to me that is not time to take away a tool if somebody is using that to defend themselves. >> gretchen: the is causing a lot of controversy. jennifer lownik, thank you very much. coming up next on the rundown, who needs amsterdam when you get high right here in united states. pot tours coming? then the sequester, is it really that bad? they say it sounds like blackmail to him. happy birthday to cindy crawford. she is a young 57. ♪ neat note mine was earned in djibouti, africa, 2004.
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talk about your alcohol use, lir disease and before you reduce or stop cymbalta. dizziness or fainting may occur upon standing. take the next step. talk to your doctor. cymbalta can help. >>. >> steve:. >> steve: doctors say they have never seen like it. a girl catches fire in the hospital. 11-year-old who is a cancer survivor was being treated at a hospital in oregon for an unrelated injury, all of a sudden her t-shirt caught on fire. >> i heard her scream, fire, i'm burning. when i sat up she was going out the door towards the nurses. one got a blanket to put it out. i later put out the fire. >> steve: the girl's father thinks static electricity and
3:34 am
hand sanitizer may have sparked the fire. it has a 61% alcohol content. girl is now recovering from third-degree burns along with everything else. >> very last minute federal appeals court stopped the execution of a georgia person so the courts can consider the state's lethal injection procedure. his attorney claims he is mentally disabled. hill was convicted in beating debt of a murder while serving a life sentence for the murder of his girlfriend. >> gretchen: fishing industry in new england, 200 fishermen are pleading for help. the catch limit will finish them off the cuts start on may 1st. regulators defend the catch limit. >> steve: message of colorado state could be sending soon, a task force making a recommendation to push pot tourism in colorado if law
3:35 am
markings agree anyone over the age of 21 could buy or smoke marijuana in colorado. the drug could not leave the state, however. voters approved the legalizing of recreational pot last year as you remember. it's all part of that rocky mountain high. >> gretchen: that is one way positive to put it. >> to ballot back. $40,000 that is how much tyler a.m. hilton he made to dope. he made the admission. he was stripped of his gold medal from the 2004 olympics after he admitted doping. he is one of cyclists that blew the whistle on lance armstrong. they say dogs are man's best friend and that is definitely true for a pigeon. he is refusing to move because pit bulls were banned to
3:36 am
ontario. he is traded to the blue jays. they say he is not a threat and could never leave him behind. i've never heard a of story quite like that. >> 2014 world cup will also be used in this year's confederation cup. gold line technologies they want to know if they were in or not. critics say it's an unnecessary expense. technology should no not be introduced if it coverings all aspects of the game. coming up senator scott brown. and bill hemmer and you can listen from 9:00 to acknowledge on the east coast. steve, you said you saw the adfor the app. >> steve: i did. a fox radio app so you don't
3:37 am
need to be near your radio you can get on on your smart phone. >> cadillac has on it on their technology. >> a marriage winter storm. oshkosh, wisconsin, and strong winds caused a 20-car pile-up in the dairy state and luckily there were no injuries. to northern california, a sudden snowfall causing chaos stranding drivers on the highway. meanwhile, in the big bad apple, maria molina. you are wearing red -- oriole. we can see you. >> i'm trying to warm things up in my mind. warm thought of sunshine. we have a major storm that will be taking shape across portions of central plains. i do want to mention we had a cold front. in new york city, you should be seeing highs in the low 30s and
3:38 am
we actually have lake effect snow that kicked off across portions of upstate new york and something to keep in mind. roadways will be slippery. we're talking several inches of snow and the wind. otherwise we take a look at the map. a storm system over california and parts of texas and oklahoma and kansas and both of these areas are going to merge together later on today and we're talking a lot of snow over a foot of it possible in sections of nebraska and in kansas and even some areas across missouri. on the southern side of the system where temperatures are warm, we're talking severe weather, possible tornadoes, damaging wind gusts and large hail tonight. it will be centered across portions of dallas, abilene and the storm heads east in eastern portions of texas into mississippi. a lot of weather going on. we'll keep an eye on it. >> gretchen: thank you. >> steve: president obama came up with an idea to avoid a
3:39 am
budget crisis, create a deadline if automatic cuts kick in. we are approaching that march 1st deadline and president now says his idea no longer a good idea. >> it will jeopardize our military readiness, border patrol agents will see their hours reduced. thousands of teachers and educators will be laid off. more delays at airports. f.b.i. agents will be furloughed. federal prosecutors will have to close cases and let criminals go. if you want to see a bunch of first responders lose their jobs because you wanted to protect some special interest tax loophole. that is the choice and question. >> steve: but you gave us that choice. did he ever intend this to work or blackmail to get americans to pay higher taxes. >> people are so confused. bob woodward. >> president says if we cut 2.3% of spending, if we $85 billion
3:40 am
from a $3.6 trillion budget, armageddon. he will inflict maximum pain on us, the taxpayer and the economy if we go through with just a 2% cut. >> why don't we do something about it? he can stand up and what i deem to be more of a campaign speech yesterday, but why doesn't he go out and work out a deal? >> the president is independent in beating up on his republican opponents and he wants to blame his republican opponents important any recession that might come along. he says, look, you have a sequester, you cut spending and we will go into a recession. all these good people will lose their jobs. he is avoiding blame for the failure of his own policies and trying to put that blame on his republican opponents. >> you cited "wall street journal" op-ed, president's are a ma get do but $85 billion
3:41 am
spending cuts would though us into recession. we just got whacked tax increase but is that is not going to cause any problem. and if we go through it it is matched by the $60 billion we voted in favor of for sandy storm relief. can't we cut at all is the no cut that we can make at $3.6 trillion economy, we can't do that? what kind of message are we saying to the rating agencies that will downgrade us if we don't get a handle. >> brian: how can you see the market going up. >> we need to show we got a handle on you are debt and if we don't, we will be downgraded. i won't say market wants spending cuts but it wants us to get a grip. >> if in fact this was to go
3:42 am
through, op-ed page of "wall street journal" spending cuts when it happen, if there were a sequester, ultimately we might not see our credit downgraded because the rating people would say, they are doing something, not a great idea but they are doing something. >> are you trying to tell me we can't cut 2% out of a $3.6 trillion economy without facing utter disaster? that is nonsense. >> gretchen: this is supposed to be a warning to republicans and democrats. democrats didn't want to the social cuts and apparently now that is going to be a good thing in the end. that is what is confusing the american public. >> president wants to raise taxes on the rich, do not cut spending and ignore the debt. >> he already got his tax increase. i don't know why he is going back for more. you have the promo.
3:43 am
>> yes, i am. >> gretchen: coming up on fox and friends, forget what you know about creating a happy home like don't bother with a family dinner. real secrets. >> and he starred in act of valor and he is pulling back even further and having a problem with how people become navy seals today. he says it is too easy. ♪ ♪ ♪ hometown boy ♪ they can't go wrong ♪ you can't go back ♪ all around the world as a matter of fact ♪ [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego.
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another laptop? don't ask. disappear! abracadabra! alakazam! [ male announcer ] and now we're making it easier to get everything for your business. and for my greatest trick! enough! [ male announcer ] because whatever you need, we'll havet or find it, and geit to you fast. staples. that was easy. >>. quick look at some of the headlines. somebody took a bite out of
3:47 am
apple. a small number of mac computers were infected by malicious software. it's the largest known cyber attack made against apple computers the it's believed the same group that hacked facebook. >> and getting into accident isn't bad enough. now a town in texas is going to start charging those responsible. the crash tax is going to range from $500 to $2,000 and is met to cover the cost of first responders. city of missouri is hoping to collect hundred thousand dollars each and every year. >> brian: movie act of valor featured navy seals an account of real life seal operations. look...
3:48 am
>> brian: the former seal is now pulling back the curtain on the premiere special ops commando team. rourke. what is your message? >> i think the curiosity about seals has never been greater. i think the recent movies and films and books have had part of the story and there is greater narrative, how we select and prepare them for war and bring them back and some of the family connections that we deal with as seals and so i wanted to increase that narrative and hope it translates to a greater public value. >> gretchen: after the osama bin laden raid, people are much more fascinated, who are these guys? how much work it takes to become one of you. you are in an elite class. it's my understanding when you first tried you didn't make it?
3:49 am
>> my application fell shot short. i wasn't selected. that lit a fuel to continue on. i think the program wants to see that. the board probably saw my second application, this guy doesn't want to quick. >> gretchen: even with the name you didn't make it? >> now your movie preceded the one that came out now. you do you think the bad thing for the seals to be exposed like this? >> i think it will be interesting to see. i think our capacity for war remains the secrecy of the missions other than reporting after the fact has not put them in harm's way. we'll see what the finally tally. >> gretchen: some people write about the fact that the seal force would increase in the last decade or so. was it indicates it was becoming easier to become a seal? >> i write about this.
3:50 am
there was struggle, a real internal struggle for the right reasons, i believe, then secretary of defense, donald rumsfeld he wanted to make them bigger. so we wanted to figure out a way to do that without xleomg our standard. it became an internal struggle between senior leadership that wanted to meet requirements and others that wanted to protect the brotherhood. >> what is your view on women becoming navy seals? >> i think everybody will have reservations and recommendations. >> does it make it easier? >> i don't believe they change standards. women can get through the program and perform brilliantly on the battlefield. the seal culture is unique and if something impact as i behave around my gentlemen around my bride is not the same person as
3:51 am
o a battlefield. >> brian: and you don't say things around the house? >> i don't. >> gretchen: except on halloween. >> he has written "damn few." >> forget everything you know throw out the family dinner and let the kids pick the punishment. >> brian: then desperate times call for desperate measures. move over calvin klein, postal service getting into the fashion industry. we want to see your ideas for design. >> gretchen: are they going to change their outfit? [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness?
3:52 am
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3:55 am
>>. welcome back. do family dinners erupt into arguments like, are you texting over there? it is possible you may need to forget about the traditional family habits. best selling author, folks you wanted to get this book, bruce. nice to see you. how many times have you heard the experts say you must sit down and have a family meal once a day? >> i'm a dad of young kids. i was frustrated we heard all the old advice. i want new advice. it's better for parents. you don't have to worry about family dinner. it turns out there is only ten minutes of meaningful conversation in any dinner. >> if there is ten minutes. >> get your elbows on the table and take the ten minutes and
3:56 am
move it any time of the day and have the same benefits. have a family breakfast. meet for a bedtime snack. relax, parents. you can time shift it. >> as long as you are together for ten minutes. meanwhile, share family history with your kids why is that important? >> this is the number one thing people are talking about from my book. they ask kids what do you know about your grandparents were born, where your parents met. >> steve: they don't know a lot. they don't know the story. >> the kids knew more about the family history had greater confidence. it was the number one predictor of a child's well-being. the reason you sense there is something in larger than yourself. if you teach your kids positive moments in family history but negative ones and how they overcame it. they can get through the inevitable hurdle.
3:57 am
>> steve: let your kids pick their punishment. >> we can boss them around. as you know it doesn't work. you can kids over and over again. research shows if you let kids set their schedules and make their own goals and evaluate their own work builds up their brain. gives to them more responsibility over their lives and more motivated. >> steve: what if they say, okay for punishment i'm going to have to watch half an hour of television? >> i have met a lot of families. our kids are -- we are constantly dialing them back. if they had five minutes of overreacting they would get a sleepover, more than ten minutes. one pushup for every minute. they chose that. >> steve: fantastic. it's all contained "the secrets of happy families." >> all right. coming up, do nightmares keep
3:58 am
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4:01 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. today is wednesday, february 20, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time with us today. a massive explosion leaving a large american shopping district in ruins this morning. police bringing in cadaver dogs to begin the search for bodies there. there is new information breaking right now. >> brian: republicans held up their end of the deal and let obama, president obama raise taxes in exchange for cuts. now it's time for those cuts and the president is balking. >> these cuts are not smart.
4:02 am
they're not fair. they will hurt our economy. they will add hundreds of thousands of americans to the unemployment rolls. >> brian: he proposed it. did he ever think the idea would work? did he always that i deal would be done? we'll report. you decide. >> steve: then desperate times call for desperate measures. move over, calvin klein. the postal service is getting into the fashion industry. we want to see your designs, your ideas. e-mail us. we'll explain it all in a couple of minutes. you're watching "fox & friends" hour two for wednesday. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. we're all back on the couch together. >> brian: yes, we are. >> gretchen: after president's day weekend. we have a fox news alert to tell you about because the world is waiting to see if oscar pistorius is granted bail today after being charged with the premeditated murder of his model girlfriend.
4:03 am
day two of his hearing underway now. earlier police revealed they did find steroids and needles in his bedroom, but his lawyer says it was not for a banned substance. >> brian: it was herbal. >> gretchen: now the developing details. >> it seems that the investigating officer has had a lot of his key evidence against oscar pistorius kind of shot down quickly in court. there was the statement that two boxes of toss tierceron and needles were found in his moment now it is found it's an herbal remedy. the investigating officer said in fact he hadn't read the box carefully enough in the dark. and then there was that witness account of screams and shouting going on an hour before the shooting occurred. then it turns out that witness lives six football fields away from oscar pistorius. the investigating officer also confirming that there were no signs of assault on the body of reeva or indications of a
4:04 am
struggle before she was shot, which would contradict any of that speculation about an attack with a cricket bat. still the prosecution maintains that pistorius' story does not hold up, that it is hard to believe that he would not have realized that it was his girlfriend in the bathroom and not an intruder, that she was not in bed when he got up to go out to the balcony and then make his way without his prosthetic legs on, to the bathroom. investigators do also say this morning, and this is quite significant -- that the bullet trajectory was from top to pistorius did in fact havecate his prosthetic legs on when he fired the shots into the locked toilet cubicle, which was separate from the bathroom, which reeva was holed up inside of. that door was locked, we know, and she was hit in the head, arm, and in the hip. back to you guys. >> gretchen: very interesting developments. thanks very much. it's interesting, if it wasn't
4:05 am
steroids, then that story doesn't add up. if the cricket bat, actually did he not use that to hit her before he shot her, then that's a whole different story. if people hearing screams are that far away, it's interesting how this is developing. >> brian: right. they said there was no bars on the bathroom windows. that's one of the reasons he thought the intruder could be get not guilty and he felt he always felt paranoid because he was taken advantage of when he was younger because he had no legs. we'll see what happens. if there is her blood on the bat and she was bludgeoned with the bat, i think that blows everything up. >> gretchen: the headlines and a fox news alert. one person still missing after a gas explosion in kansas city last night. crews are on the scene using cadaver dogs. another person thought to be missing was found at the hospital. the blast destroyed j.j.'s restaurant, sending 14 people to the hospital. people reported smelling gas earlier in the day. the restaurant evacuated minutes before it exploded. witnesses say it felt like an
4:06 am
earthquake. >> he stepped out the door. it wasn't two minute when is we were grabbing our stuff and the explosion hit. it hit you like a shock wave. >> you feel it and the heat from the fire came into my car. my windows were up and i could feel the heat. >> gretchen: the blast sent debris flying 100 feet in the air. could be felt over a mile away. officials believe a contractor hit an underground gas line nearby, causing that blast. at the very last minute, a federal appeals court did stop the execution of a georgia prisoner last night so the courts can consider the state's lethal injection procedure. warren hills' attorney claims he's manually disabled, making him ineligible for execution. hill was convicted in the 1990 beating death of a fellow prisoner while serving a life sentence for the murder of his girlfriend. $1.6 billion vanished on his watch of the now former mf global ceo jon corzine may be banned from trading for life. the "new york post" reports two directors of the national
4:07 am
futures association will move tomorrow to ban the former democratic governor of new jersey. corzine is reportedly planning to start another hedge fund. the ban would make that very difficult. we have an update on that owl that got stuck in the grill of an suv in florida. the wide eyed bird is back in the wild. we showed you the bird stuck after a woman hit it on a florida highway. she didn't realize it was in the grill of her suv until someone pointed it out the next day. miraculously, the owl wasn't hurt, just stressed. the bird got time to unwind at a wildlife center and set free this week. that's an issue did did she i had not seen that. must have been when i was away one day. >> steve: who was driving? who? who? >> brian: last week -- >> brian: stressful being you are during the day. >> steve: speaking of stressful, the president of the united
4:08 am
states seemed really stressed out yesterday. he's back from his golfing vacation with tiger woods and there he is in front of some first responders talking about these automatic spending cuts that are supposed to happen in less than a couple of weeks. >> brian: this year, 1 point # trillion over ten years. >> steve: keep in mind, these are spending cuts. a lot of people in this country think spending cuts is a good idea. a recent fox news poll shows 83% of you think that the federal government spends way too much money. so the president, who has gotten his way in the past with republicans yesterday was out there saying, look, i know that the white house invented this whole idea of sequester, but now it's really a bad idea. here is the president. >> you want to see a bunch of first responders lose their jobs because you want to protect some special interest tax loophole. are you willing to have teachers
4:09 am
laid off or kids not have access to head start, or deeper cuts in student loan programs just because you want to protect a special tax interest loophole that the vast majority of americans don't benefit from. that's the choice. that's the question. >> gretchen: i don't understand is, in the debates way back before the election in november, the president said that he wanted to solve this sequester problem. if you are the president of the united states, don't you have the power to figure out how to solve this? that's six months ago now already. now we're coming down to the deadline of march 1. this is still not solved. by the way, besides those spending cuts that may be good for the economy, 800,000 civilians will lose their jobs at the pentagon. this is also part of the sequester cuts. >> steve: only if the president says they will lose their job. he gets to pick. keep in mind -- >> gretchen: he hasn't been that friendly to -- some people would
4:10 am
argue he hasn't been -- >> brian: 44 billion of it is going to come out of the defense department and they've been asked to come up with a contingency plan should this happen and they're scrambling because they never thought this would happen because secretary gates said let me do some preemptive cuts to show everyone we know it's new era, we're scaling down the wars and we're in a much leaner economic situation. this on top of that is untenable, according to many who are inside trying to balance the books. >> gretchen: leon panetta said -- forget the word, but it was -- >> brian: hollow occupant military. >> gretchen: worse than horrendous. >> brian: here is what the president is -- everybody knows this. you just take one ton closing loopholes and don't take the overall tax reform, nothing is going to be effective. if you say within two months we'll have a tax reform bill that is going to find a way to raise more revenue without raising tax on anybody, then i think both sides are into that. but if you're going to say close
4:11 am
tax loopholes on what they say is the horrible rich people, this is the same argument he's had for 4 1/2 years. i'm surprised he can do it with a straight face. >> steve: because the president got what he wanted. he got the republicans to jack up the taxes for the most successful people in this country and now he wants to come back to the well and wants taxes to go up again so they can spend more as well. the president of the united states is not serious about compromise, so says tucker carlson on the hannity program last night. here is his reasoning. >> he said today, republicans would like nothing more than to hurt first responds for the sake of doing so to help their friends in the financial services businesses. he with a straight face said this is a clear choice between making the rich pay more or hurting the rest of us, as if you could balance the budget on the backs of the rich. that's just a lie. as a math question that's a lie and he knows it's a lie. he said if the sequestration goes through, we'll have to cut head start. we've had head start for 48
4:12 am
years. we know how effective it is and the evidence is in, it doesn't work. it produces no measurable change in the education level. >> brian: had a study that said head start has been ineffective because it brought in the debate about nationalized preschool. >> gretchen: if you -- it's all in the messaging. if you say hey, who wants to cut education? nobody willingly says hey until they look into the details with whether or not the programs work. so it comes down to the messaging and so far this president has been very effective at continuing to campaign with a message rather than going to capitol hill and finding compromise. >> steve: here is something to keep it in perspective. it sounds like the sky is falling, armageddon of the it's only 2% of the budget. 2%, the entire sky is going to fall? "wall street journal" says today -- there is a lot of waste in government. >> gretchen: totally. but i don't know if people at the pentagon would agree to losing all -- >> brian: they thought by making
4:13 am
50% of the cuts in the pentagon, republicans would capitulate. >> steve: the "wall street journal" says at the won't drop it, then the sequester is the only way that the spending is going to be cut, the economy will be better for it, says "wall street journal." >> brian: now let's talk about something that's overdue, a way for the post office to balance its books. it loses $25 million a day and i can't believe it because the postal workers, they get the mail to you. they say within nine months, they could be flat out broke. >> gretchen: they already stopped saturday delivery coming up in august. so now they're going to have a new line of fashion that apparently we all can go to the stores and buy if we want -- >> brian: they have a cool catch phrase. >> gretchen: i don't understand this. >> steve: the motto of the postal service is neither sleet nor snow nor rain will keep us from the appointed.
4:14 am
fashionable stuff you can wear. i would imagine it's ready for alt elements. so the postal service known for going through all the elements is going to come up with a line of clothes so you can go anywhere and you'll be dressed for it, regardless of what's happening. >> gretchen: do they get a cut of it? >> steve: yeah. >> gretchen: they get some profits? >> brian: my feel something that they just don't charge enough. i think stamps are too cheap. i think it's too cheap to do what they're doing. i'm telling you. >> steve: it's a great deal. you're absolutely right. so the postal service is trying to make it possible so that you could channel your inner cliff clavin and be like the people there. >> brian: is this a good answer? >> gretchen: send us your ideas what should it look like? you can tweet or e-mail us. coming up, do you try to analyze your dreams the morning after? you need to stop. why doing that will only give you nightmares.
4:15 am
>> steve: then the chinese accused of hacking into our computers. if we know they're doing this and increasing its military y in the world are we cutting our military? we'll talk to general jack keane about that next. >> this is scary, a new report shows that chinese hackers could one day take out america's power supply. or also known as pulling a beyonce. [ laughter ] new honey bunches of oats greek yogurt and whole grain. here we go. honey cornflakes and chunks of greek yogurt. i'm tasting both the yogurt and the honey at the same time. i'm like digging this yogurt thing. i feel healthy. new honey bunches of oats greek.
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and where beauty meets brains. it's big ideas with smaller footprints. and knowing there's always more in the world to see. it's the all-new lincoln mkz. >> gretchen: welcome back. 16 minutes after the top of the hour. russian nuclear bombers circling u.s. territory of guama. report claiming the chinese are carrying out a cyber war on american computers. all the while we're racing for huge cuts to the military as we just discussed. joining me is fox news military analyst general jack keane. good morning to you, general. >> good morning, gretchen. >> gretchen: so let's talk about this latest report that came out
4:19 am
about china. they're pretty good at hacking into computers. people may not know is that the united states probably doing the same thing, but what kind of hazard does this pose to our military and to u.s. companies? >> frankly you're right. the united states is actually the best in the world at this, russia is probably second. the chinese, although by far are the most prolific, literally thousands of members of the pla do this every single day, assisted also by civilian hackers and contractors. they have penetrated literally thousands of u.s. companies, while they focus in general on political, economic and military intelligence. their primary focus is what has been discussed in that report is intellectual property. they are literally stealing technology, innovation, et cetera, from our companies to advance their own economic interests. and they are very good at it. >> gretchen: so many people are asking the question, if the chinese -- some of the private citizens there, but also their
4:20 am
military is behind this. is this a good time for the united states to be talk about so many drastic cuts to our military? >> well, regardless of the chinese involvement in cyber space and how assertive they are, what they're doing to our military is literally devastating it, the sequestration takes place. we literally have economic problems in this country and that's well understood. but even our adversaries are looking at it, questioning the fact that the united states military is actual lea going to be weakened. that will certainly embolden them. but getting back to the chinese here, they are more assertive here than they are in a western pacific. this is something that they've been doing for many years and they've been successful at it. i think what has happened here, and the value of this report, the forensics are there. we've taken away their denyability. a unit has been identified a location has been identified and a building has been identified where this has originated from. >> gretchen: let's talk about this breaking story this morning
4:21 am
, russia circling nuclear war heads circling guama u.s. certificate tri. what do you make of that? >> the russians -- they've become more assertive. that's just the reality of it. when they have an opportunity to push at the united states a little bit and our interests and what we're trying do in the pacific as the chinese, they're doing that. the fact of the matter is, we have had huge interest in the pacific for years. the stability and economic prosperity that has taken place in the pacific rim could never have been achieved without the united states military presence. >> gretchen: would this be -- i'm going out on a limb here -- would this be because the russians know that we're facing these major military cuts here in the u.s.? >> i don't know what their motivation is. i can't get at it. i think it has more to do with what we're doing and how we're moving our forces around in the western pacific to maintain the kind of presence that we want to have there. >> gretchen: okay. general jack keane, you would
4:22 am
know about military and otherwise. thanks so much for your thoughts this morning. >> take care, gretchen. always good seeing you. >> gretchen: thank you. do you spend time trying to figure out what your dreams mean? i just did this this morning. i was like, did i dream that last night or the night before? supposedly i'm supposed to stop and you are, too. coming up next y it will only give you more nightmares. then take a look at this. the cameras were rolling at the exact moment an ied explodes. it should have killed that air force sergeant, but his service dog saved his life. they are both here with their incredible story coming up. look what mommy is having.
4:23 am
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4:26 am
>> brian: time for news by the numbers. 3.77. that's how much a gallon of gas will cost you today. up two cents from yesterday. on long island it's 4.55. but i digress. next, $1.1 million. that's how much the irs wasted on blackberry phones and air cards for their employees. the only problem, those phones weren't used for at least three months. some were never used at all. $3,340. that's how much the pope will get every month when he retires. that's not even for his day-to-day expenses which should still be covered by the vatican. steve, talk about something else >> steve: i will. you're getting sleepy. have you ever woken up if a bad dream and wish there was a way to stop that dream from happening again? turns out there might be a way to transform your nightmare noose sweet dreams. dr. shelby harris is director of behavioral sleep medicine here in the new york city area. joins us live. good morning to you. >> thanks for having me.
4:27 am
>> steve: people have nightmares for a variety of reasons. we're not here to analyze the dreams. we're here to fix them, right? >> right. some people find analyzing them might help them figure out what's going on in their lives. but if it's creating constant problems for you, there are ways to help. >> steve: and this is the way, it's called irt, imry rehearsal therapy. what does that mean? >> one way. there are different things that help. but irt is extremely effective. so basically if you think about nightmares and dreams, it's imagery in your head. if you close your eyes, you're picturing something. so we teach people to imagine and picture things during the day and then to create new story lines and then really picture the new story line. >> steve: let's say that i had this nightmare and you walk me through the three steps and we'll see how you would fix it. i looked up one of the most common nightmares people have is they wake up and they are naked in public. so step one, you say is write down the nightmare. >> right. if you're someone who has different ones, pick one low on the ladder.
4:28 am
write it down so you have a good story of what it is. >> steve: so i write down had that dream again where i was naked in public. >> exactly. are there people there? are they laughing at you? what's going on in it? >> steve: people are always laughing. why isn't he wearing clothes? okay. step two is change the nightmare. >> right. so i tell my patients, change it any way you wish. i don't actually give you the new story line. i want you to come up with it. so you can change the time and piece of it. you can change the entire thing. >> steve: okay. show us how it do that. >> someone might be, you needs? i just wake up and i'm standing and fully clothed and i'm giving a speech to a lot of people. or could be i wake up and i'm naked, but no one else is around and it's fine. so you can change it so it's not scary or frightening. >> steve: you think a through a couple times and eventually it sticks? >> you don't think it through, you manual it, you close your eyes and imagine the whole season do that twice a day for five minutes and then if you have another nightmare in a few days, you do another one and change it any way you want. usually in a month, the frequency for many people, if
4:29 am
you don't have severe nightmares, it can be reduced. >> steve: and step three was imagine the new nightmare with the new script. >> exactly. >> steve: after a month or so, it goes away. suddenly you're not naked anymore. you're standing in front of -- >> in front of whoever you want. we tell people work on two a week max. >> steve: that is really interesting. i think you just helped some folks. >> i hope so. >> steve: thank you very much. >> thank you. my pleasure. >> steve: meanwhile, straight ahead, her dream of going to disney destroyed by the tsa. >> (crying). >> steve: did a four-year-old in a wheelchair really need that pat-down? we're going to talk about that. then look at this, the cameras were rolling at the exact moment an ied explodes! the explosion should have killed an air force sergeant, but his service dog saved his life. they're both here with us live
4:30 am
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♪ i don't want any trouble. i don't want any trouble either. ♪ [ enginturns over ] [ siren wailing in distance ] you know you forgot to take your mask off, right? we should probably get out of here. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing the all-new beetle convertible. now every day is a top-down day. that's the power of german engineering. >> over the weekend, president obama, you know that, he played golf with tiger woods. tiger said the president was a very good golfer for a guy who only plays five days a week.
4:34 am
actually you know what the president's handicap is? doesn't understand economics. [ laughter ] that's the handicap. but other than that, it's fine. >> steve: only plays five days a week. funny. >> gretchen: doctors say they've never seen anything like it. a girl has caught on fire while in the hospital. the 11-year-old who is a cancer survivor was being treated at a hospital in oregon for an unrelated injury. all of a sudden, her t-shirt somehow caught on fire. >> i heard her scream fire, i'm burning. and when i sat up, she was going out the door towards the nurses. one ran to get some kind of blanket to put it out. i laid across her to put out the fire. >> gretchen: the girl's father thinks static electricity in the hand sanitizer sparked the fire. the hand sanitizer had 61% alcohol. the girl now recovering from third degree burns. >> brian: a federal regulators crippling the fishing industry in new england? fishermen say yes and pleading
4:35 am
with congressional lawmakers for help. they say impending cuts for the catch limits will finish off their business. the cuts take effect may 1. northeast regulator defends the catch limit. >> steve: screams of horror from a disabled four-year-old girl getting a pat-down by tsa agents. lucy's mom started recording this video after the agent said she had to give one because lucy was in a wheelchair. the agent also tried claiming it was illegal to tape it. the agent later stopped, but as you can see, the damage was done . (crying). >> steve: lucy's parents, understandably, outraged. >> we were going to set clear boundaries about what was and was not appropriate as far as someone touching our child. >> steve: it's all about that stranger danger the parents teach kids.
4:36 am
the tsa has apologized. but the damage as you can see, is done. >> gretchen: that's sad. new chilling audio evidence unveiled in the foiled plot to murder pop star justin bieber. in the call, you hear the so-called mastermind, dana martin describe the plan to suffocate him with a tie. >> tie it really tight n a knot. it cuts off the oxygen. really tight. after just seals the deal. >> gretchen: police stopped the men before they could carry out the plan. martin, a convicted killer, serving time in a new mexico prison, was apparently so angry that all of his fan mail went to bieber, that it went unanswered. he hatched a plan to allegedly kill him. wow. >> steve: some pen pal. all right. mr. kilmeade, let's talk about lance. >> brian: no shame for lying lance. a washington lobbyist firm admits was hired by armstrong in 2010 to discredit the agent
4:37 am
leading a federal probe into his cycling team. the firm worked on his behalf for three months. u.s. attorney's office closed its investigation last year, though there is no direct effort it played a role in his decision. today is his deadline to come clean on all aspects of doping or else he could never go into professional sports again. he wants to run triathlons. they say dogs are man's best friends and that's true when it comes to mark bully. he's refusing to move his family to canada because his pit bulls are banned in ontario. he was just traded from the marlins to the blue jay which is is part of ontario, as you know. he and his wife say their pit bull isn't a threat and could never leave him behind. the family will split time between their homes in florida and missouri. i have never heard of a trade being held up for this reason. world cup and the world can cheer. it was being used in this year's confederation's cup. goal line technology has been
4:38 am
the subject of intense debate in soccer. the rest of the world wants to get it right and other sports wants to get it right. now soccer is up to the 21st century. they want to be able to get electronic device there that spots when the ball goes over the line. critics say it's an unnecessary expense and technology shouldn't be introduced unless it covers all aspects of the game. how much pressure are you putting on the refs already? coming up on kilmeade and friends, you can listen it to it on the radio. senator scott brown will be here and brock denver and martha mccallum and bill hemmer will be there. >> steve: fantastic. now extreme weather. we got a winter storm ready to pound the midwest. look at minnesota. already getting hit. blowing snow, causing poor visibility and dozens of accidents. there you can see in minnesota. in fargo, north dakota, they're also facing treacherous roads and whiteout conditions. in the streets of new york city, a red alert. she's dressing yellow.
4:39 am
maria molina tracking the storm. >> good morning. that's right. we do have a brand-new storm system that will be impacting portions of the center of the country. it could bring six inches of snow. anywhere from eastern portion of colorado all the way into wisconsin. so this will be a major weather maker and also on the southern end, we're talking severe weather. across portions of the northeast, it was mild yesterday, but question have a cold front swing through, leaving behind much colder air. it feels a lot colder in new york city outside today than yesterday. we have some lake effect snow that's also fired up downwind of the great lakes. we have warnings in effect. in the center of the country, winter storm warnings, because of the anticipated snow storm, starting later this morning, expected to continue to the overnight tonight and to thursday and even into thursday night. two feet of snow possible in areas across nebraska or even kansas. on the southern side of the system, severe weather starting tonight across dallas, abilene, san angelo. tornadoes possible. damaging wind gusts and large hail. by tomorrow, eastern texas,
4:40 am
louisiana and mississippi could see some severe weather. now let's head over to anna who is outside as well. >> it's a little chilly. thank you so much. u.s. department of defense considers them equipment. but to the soldiers in iraq and afghanistan, working dogs are also their brothers and sisters in arms. now a brand-new documentary shows the brave work these dogs do, including the sacrifices they make to keep our country safe. >> they draped an american flag over her. that's with it hit home, she's gone of the that's when i lost it over here. it touched me that the crew did that for her. treated her like a fallen marine my partner. my sister in arms. >> joining us now is a soldier featured in "glory hounds," technical staff sergeant leonard anderson and eight-year-old azza. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having us. >> azza not just a pretty face. tell us about some of the work
4:41 am
she used to too. i know her detecting explosives? >> yes, ma'am. she's a patrol explosive dog. basically she had the aggression atmosphere or aggression style for law enforcement, for deployed type environment. she also obviously trains every day. >> right. she was something to be feared. i know the taliban sees these military working dogs as a precious target to them because they're keeping you safe. we watched a video of her ripping somebody to shreds. >> they're a valuable asset in every part over there. they play the ability for them to do what they do is just -- there is nothing that beats it. , a lot of people are putting their lives in their hands. >> leonard, six months ago, it's hard to believe this was just six months ago, early morning in july, take us back when she saved your life. >> technically she did.
4:42 am
technically. she did two days prior, she had alerted behavior of an ied, which we called up the expert. that's one situation. she was on the right side of the road. stayed to the left side of the road. >> what happened to you? there was a crazy explosion. i think we've got video of that. we want to take a listen. >> staff sergeant len anderson and his working dog are on patrol near the taliban strong hold. >> got my scout. >> you feel like you would have died if it weren't for azza helping you out there.
4:43 am
>> yes, ma'am. basically when me and the lieutenant were talking and i said i heard that motorcycle, or he said he heard that motorcycle, and i said yeah, i had stopped moving at that point because azza had her head on the ground and started searching around or possibly indicating. so i had to let her get her curiousity out. me allowing her to -- for me to -- me stopping and allowing her to get her curiousity out probably saved my life. >> you have been through so much. we thank you so much for your service and azza, you as well. amazing inspiration to us, being here and with your family and everything, we know how much she means to you. >> thank you. >> thanks for your time. gretchen, brian and steve. >> steve: thank you very much. what a story! what a dog. >> brian: that soldier, what he's been through, battle back to come out. >> gretchen: is your child a warrior or a worrier or both? we'll show you how it figure it out and the best activities for each kind of kid. >> brian: plus does this sound
4:44 am
familiar? you don't want to ruin your furniture, so you never use it. is that normal or nuts? >> gretchen: that was our living room growing up. >> brian: dr. keith ablow next. my grandmother never took the plastic off. [ laughter ] she threw it out with the plastic! >> gretchen: i love it. >> steve: first we've got the aflac trivia question of the day. born on this date in 1963, this former nba star has hosted snl three times. come on. everybody is on snl. who is he? be the first to e-mail us with the correct answer. you'll be today's big winner. >> gretchen: we beat that this year. >> brian: i think we did a hybrid? most are just no fun to drive.
4:45 am
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4:48 am
world, we all know that. for some kids, that pressure might be too much. so why can some children handle it while others fall apart? joining me now is paul bronson, co-author of this book called "top dog, the science of winning and losing." do we have kids that are born worriers and warriors? >> kids are -- half of all kids are born with both genes. one quarter are born with warrior and one quarter with worrier only genes. the question is what do you with that over time. >> brian: you have a kid and we all know these kids, that they get all worried about the test, oh, my god, what if i fail? they'll break out in sweat and stressed out on the same test where their neighbor might not be -- might be ambivalent and get a better score. >> you describe the warriors. the warriors can't really even do their -- pay much attention to their homework, need a big deadline. but on test day they really jam. they do well in that, actually
4:49 am
thrive under that pressure. so as parents, we have these two types. other little things matter around the home. sibling competition is really important. all that sibling competition over the remote control, where you sit in the car seat matters over time to get kids used to the stress of competition. rough housing actual israeli really good. especially when parents rough house with kids 'cause when you compete, you need to be able to kind grandfather hard, but not cross that line. when parents rough house with kids, they animate kids. they expand their comfort zone. but they hold them back from crossing that line. these are things that get kids used to competing. >> brian: so let's say i have a kid that freezes on tests. does great on school work, but since we're a test oriented society, they don't do well. what kind of path could i put them on to turn that around? >> kids need more competition in their young lives. not less. but it has to be the right kind. >> brian: incrementals? >> incremental competition that inoculates them?
4:50 am
>> brian: give me an example. >> a school environment, spelling bees, chess clubs, science fairs, these things allow kids to use their mind academically, but also they're there for many other reasons, not just the final score. they make friends in these environments. they learn to master different material. >> brian: stop talking about winning with them. >> stop talking about winning and losing all the time. and so they also can do swim meets, sports teams, boy scouts, all these things get kids ready for the stress of competing. but it's in a safer environment. what kids need is to be taxed, but not overwhelmed. you're trying to watch that fine line with your kid so they can face that competition out there in the real world. >> brian: is joe montana born as the cool joe or was he -- did he become that through great parenting and great coaching? >> as a san francisco guy, grew up watching joe montana, joe was clearly born as a warrior. able to handle that incredible stress in those crucial moments and what goes with that is that
4:51 am
on a day-to-day basis, he might not have been that engaged, that motivated. he waited for those crucial moments. >> brian: interesting. notice how he pointed out john candy. george washington was someone who could walk into war and not even flinch. so he would be born a warrior. it's all in your book. thanks so much for coming in. >> thank you. >> brian: fascinating topic. meanwhile, straight ahead, does your wife refuse to open the blinds so the furniture doesn't fade? is that normal or nuts? dr. keith ablow is very normal. he'll diagnose us next. steve, you'll have to pay for that diagnosis. first on this date in 1967, "kind of a drag" by the buckingham's was the number within song. i never heard of the song or the band [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ]
4:52 am
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4:54 am
4:55 am
>> steve: charles barkley and the winner is doug cotton from new jersey, the aflac question of the day winner. congratulations. >> brian: am i normal or nuts? it's a question we ask ourselves on a daily basis. it's a question we ask dr. keith ablow every week. >> gretchen: joining us now to answer the e-mails you sent us is psychiatrist, the important part, dr. keith ablow. good morning. >> good morning. >> gretchen: so let's talk about this first e-mail. a nightmare nuisance. i'm a 72-year-old woman and i have a recurring nightmare. i have had them all my life, more than once, usually the dreams involve entering the room where there is unknown but terrifying person or something or someone frightening chasing me. i wake up calling out for help. they occur every week or two. i am an otherwise normal, happy woman with a full life. am i normal or nuts?
4:56 am
>> i think she's normal with some thinking to do during the daytime. >> steve: okay. >> i think 'cause you've had these recurring nightmares for years, that something is after you, something is. but it's not a monster in your sleep. it's something that wants your attention, a fear, some part of your life you haven't looked at. so what do you do? you go and you get yourself a therapist. you start digging up your life story to find out what have you been running from, because the bottom line is, i found in 18 years of practice, as soon as you turn to face whatever is chasing you, you win. >> steve: the nightmare stops. >> the nightmares stop. >> steve: here is number two. i am regretting the mile name i chose for my newborn daughter. the nickname i would like to use is with another middle name. my mom's. can i call her this even though her middle name is another? should i legally change her middle name or just deal with the name i chose? am i normal or am i just plain nuts? >> brian: or hormonal?
4:57 am
>> gretchen: it's a totally different thing. >> i think this is just totally normal. here is the thing, people are so afraid to change their minds (buyer's remorse. >> buyerer's remorse is okay. through lewis, secretary of transportation, he's the one who told me, listen, keith, if you ever have planned and planned and planned something and you change your mind that morning, you go in and you tell your team, i changed my mind. don't be afraid to do that if you have that gut feeling. she loves this new middle name. it's not going to traumatize the baby that the middle name has been changed. go for it. >> brian: my wife won't open the blinds because she says the sun fades the furniture. she doesn't allow me to sit in the 0-year-old couch 'cause the cushion also get flattened. she's even hid the pillow when is she's gone away so i don't sit on it. this has put a strain on our family relationship. is she normal or nuts? >> she's crazy. he's crazy. >> gretchen: oh, come on! >> here is the bottom line.
4:58 am
look, you can't live with this kind of rigidity. if you can't sit on the couch, believe me, there are other things that she's insisting he do. he's a little soldier for her. >> gretchen: we couldn't go in the living room when we were growing up. it was the fancy living room. >> tell me more. >> gretchen: if my mom is watching now, she knows. the shag carpet, she didn't want it to get all messy. >> we're on the couch now. >> gretchen: help me out here. i need a lot of help. >> sit right here. listen, the couch at home -- >> steve: coming up, one state wants to force gun owners to buy pricey liability insurance. is that normal or is that nuts? we're going to talk about it. >> gretchen: thank you for the help nt who wondered why her soup wasn't quite the same. the recipe's not the recipe... ohhh. [ female announcer ] ...without swanson. the broth cooks trust most when making soup. mmmm! [ female announcer ] the secret is swanson.
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5:02 am
rocking a large american shopping district. brand-new information, we'll have it for you in moments. >> steve: meanwhile, the big cuts the country are about to face were president obama's white house's idea. but he's hoping you don't remember that. >> these cuts are not smart, they are not fair. they will hurt our economy. they will add hundreds of thousands of americans to the unemployment rolls. >> steve: that sounds awful. no wonder he doesn't want to take credit for it. but will america buy his new tune he's singing? >> brian: you sound like stossel when you said that. he was wasting no time making a first impression. now texas senator ted cruz being accused of mccarthyism just for asking questions? is there a double standard, i ask you once? "fox & friends" starts now. >> gretchen: usually when you ask those questions, you say really? >> brian: i know. i'm trying to change. a little less predictable.
5:03 am
>> steve: really? it's good to have you back on the couch after a couple of days away with your family. >> brian: right. i would have to say fort second consecutive year, my daughter went to wildwood, new jersey, and her great football team won the regional tournament. >> steve: you're in the lead. >> brian: they won the tournament. >> gretchen: fantastic. let's do some headlines this morning. we start with a fox news alert out of south africa. moments ago, day two of oscar pistorius' bail hearing who is charged with premeditated murder of his girlfriend is due back in court tomorrow. it's suspected a ruling could come then. this morning police revealed they found two box of testosterone and needles in his room, but the defense says no. it was herbal remedies. not steroids. coming up at 8:30, we'll have a live report. there is other bombshell stuff coming out. apparently the witness who had heard the screaming, alleged screaming was six football fields away. other interesting information
5:04 am
coming out as well. another fox news alert. a female employee is still missing after a massive gas explosion at a restaurant in kansas city last night. crews are using cadaver dogs to search the rubble. a second person thought to be missing was luckily found at the hospital. the blast destroyed j.j.'s restaurant. 14 people hurt. people reported smelling gas earlier in the day. the restaurant was evacuated just moments before it exploded. witnesses say it all felt like an earthquake. >> he stepped out the door. it wasn't two minutes when we were grabbing our stuff, and the explosion hit. it hit you like a shock wave. >> you feel and the heat from the fire came into my car. my windows were up, but i could feel the heat. >> gretchen: the blast sent debris flying 100 feet in the air. could be felt over a mile away. officials believe a contractor hit an underground gas line nearby causing that blast. $1.6 million vanished on his watch. now former mf global ceo jon corzine may be banned from trading for life.
5:05 am
the "new york post" reports two directors of the national futures association will move tomorrow to ban the former democratic governor of new jersey. corzine is reportedly planning to start a new hedge fund. but the trading ban would make that difficult. joe biden locked and loaded. >> if you want to protect yourself, get a double barrel shotgun, have the shells, .12 gauge shotgun, and i promise you, as i told my wife, jill, if there is ever a problem, just walk out on the balcony here, walk out, put that double barrel shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house. i promise you, who ever is coming in -- you don't need an ar 15. >> the guy next to him is wow, i hadn't heard that to her before. >> gretchen: where did this happen? during a facebook town hall. they've been doing a lot of these. he said he doesn't believe there should be any changes, though, to the second amendment. >> brian: by the way, if he
5:06 am
hears rustling in the trees, tell your wife to grab a double barrel shotgun and shoot away? >> steve: whatever happened to hey, is somebody out there? >> brian: yeah. >> steve: boom! >> brian: 911? you could grab a gun, but just to shoot randomly, is that the best advice? shoot randomly in the woods? >> gretchen: he said shoot up into the air as warning shots. >> steve: i didn't hear that part. >> gretchen: let's talk about the cuts that the president is proposing. >> brian: what goes up comes down. >> gretchen: let's just say that some of the toughest questions have come from the facebook meetings which is ironic. the president had talked about these cuts. remember? in the bob woodward book, it says it was president obama's idea for this so-called sequester where the military would be cut and then also some of the spending programs, domestically. now it's coming down to this deadline. it will be march 1. the president talked about this in a debate more than six months ago that he wanted to remedy this, that he wanted to try and come up with a solution to stop this from happening. there has been really no effort
5:07 am
to do that. instead, the president has decided to go back to an old strategy, which is to blame the republicans for this, just like in recent tax hikes. listen to this. >> now republicans in congress face a simple choice. are they willing to compromise, to protect vital investments in education and health care and national security and all the jobs that depend on them, or would they rather put hundreds of thousands of jobs and our entire economy at risk just to forget a few special interest tax loopholes that benefit only the wealthiest americans and biggest corporations? that's the choice. >> steve: it's not the choice. brian, you brought this up the first hour action you got to kind wonder what those first responders were told to wind up standing behind the president there. i gotten e-mail from somebody who says they're retired first responder, they say i feel sorry for those standing behind the president on monday. i'm sure they were volentold they had to do it. for the most part, first responders are paid by the local
5:08 am
government. state government. same thing as with the teachers. but the president of the united states, who as gretchen said, this was an invention of jack lew and the white house and he thought it was a really good idea and now he's talking about how the sky is going to fall if this 2% budget cut goes through. keep in mind, the republicans tried to fix it back in 2011 and he, the president, threatened them with this. >> already some in congress are trying to undo these automatic spending cuts. my message to them is simple: no. i will veto any effort to get rid of those automatic spending cuts, domestic and defense spending. there will be no easy offafters on this one. >> brian: tax reform, entitlement reforms. people are vilified for bringing it up.
5:09 am
i think it's just -- they are hoping that you're not paying attention. meanwhile, we're about to suffer a $50 billion cut annually and $500 billion over the next ten years cut in our defense budget over the next decade. meanwhile at the same time, russia and china are the all-time aggressive levels. russia, we did a segment earlier, they have sent their nuclear subs circling around guam in the pacific. we know that china is hacking our computers. this was a revelation, told to us by an organization 48 hours ago. they've been hacking into our material. not to destroy it, but to copy it. the most sacred technology at a time in which we need to be stronger than ever, we're cutting everything back. >> gretchen: you have to wonder why they're doing it now. just like why did north korea fire off that particular missile the day before the president was going to give the state of the union and talk about getting rid of all of our nuclear arsenal. there is a rhyme and reason for this. these countries still, let's
5:10 am
face it, we're not necessarily completely at peace with all of these countries, specifically north korea, but also russia. don't think for a moment that they're not going to try and test the waters knowing that our military may undergo these mastsive cuts. >> brian: they may have saw weakness in 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> steve: here is the thing, while all that's happening what, is the main stream media in a hysteria over? hey, why don't we get a picture of the president with tiger woods? do you really need to see that? there are a number of people who were really angry about that. just keep in mind as this -- we're going to hear more melodrama from the white house about the sky is going to fall if they don't get the 2% cut across the board. they feel that because government spending is so out of control, if they go ahead and they cut 2%, big deal. >> gretchen: we need to stay on-line with the story and be fair and balanced on the whole thing, which is that yes, people do believe that spending cuts need to happen. however, some of those cuts mean
5:11 am
800,000 jobs potentially for the military, which is the other side of the story. >> steve: gretch, that is and to be fair and balanced, that's part of the hysteria that the white house is trying to fuel. >> gretchen: we've been talk being it for months that that could happen. >> steve: 800,000 people -- that's the story that's floating out there over the last week or two. keep in mind, the president of the united states, his administration will pick the cuts. wherever they're going to be, he's going to pick it. so if all the first responders that were voluntold behind the president are going to be cut, it's not going to be the republicans. it will be the obama administration that cuts their jobs. >> gretchen: but the president has not been in favor of beefing up the military in the past. so if you did have that crystal ball in front of you, you might guess that the president would go ahead and make those military cuts. >> steve: it's 2%! >> brian: right. so the cuts are going to be taking place in a won ton way rather than organized way because it was set up as a trip wire to force people to negotiate and they did not negotiate. what i think what ed henry and
5:12 am
others were saying about the tiger woods situation, if you're going to keep on fencing out the press wherever you go, at some point they're going to say, what am i doing here? why am i following it all if you're not going to make yourself accessible? why am i going to florida when you're not going to answer a question. when we have a situation with sequester looming in two weeks, we can't get access to you? this is almost unprecedented and the president who prides himself on being transparent has frustrated every single white house correspondent. so ed henry is actually doing an effort. >> steve: i get his point. but they're concerned about that. where is the main stream media concerned about the hacking thing, the russians in gaam, where is the outrage over that? >> brian: senator ted cruz is one of the people, if you've been watching c-span or listening to potus on satellite radio, you hear a lot of these give and takes as this new secretary of defense, the new c.i.a. director is getting grilled by the senate committees. one of the toughest questioners is senator ted cruz.
5:13 am
he's asking direct questions about senator hagel's background, about john brennan's, what he did as the c.i.a. guy and what he did as counterterrorism official. and guess what? he's getting backlash! >> steve: he is. >> gretchen: one of three people who voted against john kerry for secretary of state. he does not agree with chuck hagel. he, during that questioning, alleged that he was not patriotic, to which john mccain even came to hagel's defense. none the less, here is the headline from the "new york times." the gop's nasty newcomer, has a quote here. that's the direction to do. onery swaggering piece of work. [ laughter ] >> steve: you know, they're clearly trying to bark him and tar cruz, and the entire tea party movement. i read one thing this morning that said in the past what they tried to do with the tea party is tried -- they're a bunch of racist. now what they're trying to do, the left, is try to suggest, they're not racist. they're more like joe
5:14 am
mccarthy! here is the panel on "special report" last night talking a little bit about ted cruz' derangement syndrome. >> i think there is something of a double standard here in the coverage, once again in the coverage of liberals versus conservatives. ted cruz wants more financial records from hagel. one of 24 senators who asked for more financial records. last week, freshman senator elizabeth warren of massachusetts spent time berating her republican colleagues for calling for more transparency and the consumer financial protection bureau. where are the articles about her sharp elbows and not playing nice? >> indeed, the "new york times" coverage of elizabeth warren, the furthest they would go is call her a servic. but they complimented her for being as aggressive as she was. >> gretchen: the big picture story is that ted cruz is a latino and everyone knows that the hispanic vote is very important, especially moving forward in this country. so that could be the big picture reason why they're there has been this attack, because he is
5:15 am
a conservative republican and so far, a huge majority of the latino vote went to the democrats. >> steve: he's also a very smart guy, graduated from princeton and harvard law school. >> brian: anyone could do that. some people just can't get the opportunity. >> brian: want a gun? new law would force you to buy a $1 million insurance policy, along with it. can they really do that? peter johnson, jr. is on the case. >> steve: crazy. plus, the united states postal service is broke and can't seem to balance their books. but they've come up with a possible solution, post office clothes! mmm. it's delicious! another angry-satisfied customer. you don't need toppings! and that is why we're fixing this. hey earth! stop topping triscuit! [ male announcer ] 100% whole grain woven for an untoppable taste.
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5:19 am
a $1 million insurance liability policy. is the proposal taking aim at our waltz and second amendment rights? peter johnson, jr. says -- >> good morning. this is a ban on firearms by insurance. effectively outlawing for most americans, the ability to own a firearm. looking to do it in new york state or california, other states around the coast, mostly east coast, make it functionally impossible to own a firearm. >> steve: how much would it cost? under this guy's proposal? >> 1500 to $2,000 a year. >> steve: just to protect themselves. >> so we will have in this country, if this thing passes in new york and other states, a means test for the exercise of a constitutional privilege. so turn a right into a privilege. and say firearms owners will now be a target for criminals in
5:20 am
this way. will the criminal say, oh, he had a gun. even if i don't get his property, even if i don't assault him, if he assaults me with that firearm, then i will collect the million dollars lottery from this guy or gal who was trying to defend himself. this is an effort to deter the ownership of firearms, to call it anything else is a joke. >> steve: you know, if it were to pass and it won't, this year it's 1 million. five years, it's ten million. then nobody has guns. here is what the assemblyman says. this bill is designed to encourage responsible ownership of firearms and to reduce accidental shootings. additionally, insurance policy will provide innocent victims of firearm incidents compensation for medical compare for their injuries and recoveries. let me ask you, you've got to have insurance to drive a car. that appliable here? >> no. driving a car is a privilege. it is not a constitutional right.
5:21 am
insurance companies will not be selling these policies, nor this prohibition, this indication of this policy that it will also cover intentional acts. there are no insurance policies in america today that cover intentional acts. there is a spectrum of harm on all sides causing harm to innocent victims of gun violence and to gun owners. it's bad for everyone. it increases violence and deters the ability for lawful firearms owners to own those firearms. imagine paying a sixth or a seventh of your income for insurance to own a firearm to forget yourself and your family with a shotgun that vice president biden was talking about. incomprehensible. >> steve: it is, because ultimately the insurance to protect ourselves that shot. >> and ultimately they will look to the federal government to do what the private insurers won't
5:22 am
do and we'll be paying for that. we'll be pay to go limit our own constitutional rights. >> steve: peter johnson, jr., thank you for bringing this story to our attention. >> thank you. >> steve: outrageous. meanwhile, what do you think about it? please e-mail us. doctors say they've never seen anything like this. a girl catches fire at the hospital. how? her story is straight ahead. forget welfare. get medicaid. the most effective way to cure poverty? marriage! stunning statistics since we say i do this wednesday morning one. two. three. my credit card rewards are easy to remember with the bankamericard cash rewards credit card. earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. [ both ] 2% back on groceries.
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>> brian: quick headlines. sad end to the search for a missing tourist in california.
5:26 am
police found the 20 1-year-old -- 21-year-old canadian in the water tank in a hotel in los angeles. investigators are trying to figure out if she was murdered or the victim of a freak accident. a move that will likely strengthen iran's influence in the middle east. approving a natural gas pipeline to stretch from iran to syria through iraq. iran has the world's second largest natural gas reserves. gretch? >> gretchen: thank you, brian. marriage in america is on the decline due to reasons such as a high divorce rate, cohabitation, and high rates of out of wedlock births. but does the decline in marriage also lead to higher poverty rates? joining me is sheila webber, executive director of national marriage week usa. she would know. good to see you. >> thank you. >> gretchen: i want to get to the stats because i think these are going to surprise a lot of people. if you do these things, if you graduate from high school, if you work full time, and if you marry after the age of 21, you only have a 2% chance of living
5:27 am
in poverty. that's amazing because when you look at those three things, not that tough to achieve. >> it is amazing. we want to get the message out that marriage is sort of the unsigned antipoverty program and i think that both the left and the right can come together, even though they disagree on many other issues, come together about marriage, being a solution for poverty. in fact, the heritage and the brookings institutions both have something to say. heritage foundation says that if a child lives with both his married parents, his chance of poverty drops by 82%. and the brooking institution says if we have the same marriage rates today, that we had in 1970 we would have 25% less poverty. because in 1970, we had almost 80% of adults in this country who were married, which is amazing. today that has dropped down to only 52%. so there is a huge falloff in the practice of marriage. >> gretchen: let's look at what the flip side of that first
5:28 am
figure is. if you don't do those three things that i talked about. you have a 77% chance of living in poverty. what does that say for the future of our kids? >> well, we really want to get the message out that we need to revalue marriage. i think we've sort of thought of it as something disposable these days. that's not to say that there are people who aren't doing the very best they can in the circumstances they think of and it's not about making anyone feel guilty. it's about where do we go from here? we would like to have people find more success in having great marriages and also realize it's all about the child. this is the most advantaged place. this is the best place to give children their advantages. >> gretchen: you say these are problems. loss of marital skills, the current generation doesn't know with a a healthy marriage looks like, which is sad. pop culture. i think this has so much to do with it because we see these -- all of these stars and my own child would say, mommy, how did they have a baby? they're not married.
5:29 am
>> it's unfortunate that we have this celebrity culture of unwed parents who are modeling something that makes it very difficult for people who live paycheck to paycheck. and i think they're sending a message that is not helpful for the regular american because marriage is falling off a cliff in working class and lower class america. it's hurting our families to have this decline of marriage. it's really about the children and we know, research is overwhelming, that children perform better in school, have less trouble with the law, less teen pregnancy and less addiction if they can be raised with both their parents. >> gretchen: that's a whole nother set of criteria, much less just the financial ones that we started with with regard to poverty. it's such an interesting analysis. sheila webber, executive director of national marriage usa. thank you. >> thank you. >> gretchen: coming up, a rumble in the jungle caught on camera. the story behind this amazing
5:30 am
lion showdown. then desperate times call for even more desperate measures now? or designer measures. not the singer. the postal service getting into the fashion industry now. we're reading your e mails and ideas. what should it look like, coming up next [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? e carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. i'm here to pick up some cacti. it should be under stephens.
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♪ hit me with your best shot ♪ why don't you hit me with your best shot ♪ ♪ ♪ . >> steve: now that's your shot of the morning. incredible pictures of a pack of lionesses attacking a rogue male. he dare to do come too close to their cub, hence the trouble. a photographer captured the attack at a game reserve in kenya. the lioness called in back up from some males from her pack. came eventually to help. eventually the rogue lion ran off, but with several cuts and bites. what a story to tell. >> brian: now to a fox news alert. minutes ago, a judge adjourned the bail hearing for pistorius. he was charged with murder of his model girlfriend. what happened in court this morning? amy kellogg live in london with the breaking details. what happened? >> brian, steve, gretchen, there were so many claims and counter claims today in this bail hearing, which is just a bail hearing.
5:35 am
but kind of turned into a mini trial in its own right. we had some oversight to glaring omissions by the leading investigator who, for example, failed to discover a spent bullet casing in the toilet bowl of the home, something that was then found bit defense team which had access to the home after that. then the witness who claims to have heard shouting for an hour leading up to the shooting, watt at first said to have lived six football fields away from the home. now maybe that's three football fields away. again, adding more confusion. another witness said the lights were on in pistorius' house after the first shot was fired. pistorius said they were not. and that is panicked and vulnerable in the dark and fired shots into the bathroom where he claims he thought an intruder was holed up. then there was the investigating officer's claim that testosterone and needles were found at the home. that later turned out to be apparently an herbal remedy. the investigator had not read the label on the box in the
5:36 am
dark, he said. and it's still not clear if pistorius had histrios thetic legs o. the prosecutor said the bullet trajectory would have been from a height five feet, which would indicate he had his legs on when he fired those shots. the investigating officer says he does not buy the story that he did not realize it was his girlfriend in the bathroom. we know that pistorius broke down crying at least once today and at the very end of the bail hearing, which will continue tomorrow, the investigating officer was asked by the magistrate if he thought pistorius was a flight risk. the investigating officer said yes. the courtroom then burst into laughter. the investigating officer said yes, if he was facing jail time, he would given the funds that he has. now, pistorius, it is said if he does have to do time in jail, may have to do it without his prosthetic legs on 'cause those could be deemed to be some sort
5:37 am
of a weapon. that's what went down today in the courtroom and it will continue tomorrow. >> gretchen: interesting. i was thinking about that last night, whether or not they would allow those prosthetics to come in. thanks, amy. so much else coming out on that case. we'll continue to follow it here on fox. >> brian: 25 minutes before the top of the hour. doctors say they've never seen anything like this. a girl catches fire in the hospital. the 11-year-old who is a cancer survivor was being treated at a hospital in oregon for unrelated injury. all of a sudden, her t-shirt caught fire. >> i heard her scream fire, i'm burning, and when i sat up, she was going out the door towards the nurses. one of them ran to get some kind of blanket or something to put it out, and i just laid across her to put out the fire. >> brian: the girl's father thinks static electricity and hand sanitizer sparked the fire and the hand sanitizer -- 61% alcohol in it. she's recovering from third degree burns. >> steve: meanwhile, they lost $15 billion last year. so how does the u.s. postal service plan to turn things
5:38 am
around? well, perhaps an answer is by launching an all weather clothing line. borrowing from their motto, the apparel line will be called rain, heat and snow. we asked you what you thought and you e-mailed us this. chip says, i think the usps should focus on cost effective changes. not calvin klein changes. patricia says, here is a simple easy idea for the issue sps to become profitable without raising the cost of stamps or getting into clothing. sell the space on stamps, boxes on vehicles to companies who want to advertise their logos and show support for a struggling service that is still need. that's a nifty idea. barbara says, i have a neighbor who sits in his driveway every day waiting for the mail man. i think they should use a camouflage print. that way no one could see them deliver it and it would drive my neighbor nuts. all very insightfulpzñg-ín we thank you very much.
5:39 am
>> gretchen: the northwest bracing for storms. a 20 car pileup in wisconsin. luckily there were no serious injuries there. in northern california, a sudden snowfall causing chaos for drivers. maria molina tracking the storm and she has the very latest for us now outside here in new york city. good morning, maria. >> good morning. if you live across portions of the center of the country, you're going to have a lot of rough weather as we head into the next 24 to 48 hours. we have a brand-new storm system that is starting to organize itself across this area and we're going to be talking about anywhere between one to two feet of snow across sections of nebraska, parts of kansas, also missouri and anywhere from colorado to wisconsin. we're talking six inches of snow possible. so again, a massive storm system that's going to be impacting this area. we have winter storm warnings in effect and on the southern end of this system, severe weather is going to be another big story as we head into tonight across north central portions of texas and eastern areas. thursday, severe weather.
5:40 am
southward, you'll see severe weather on thursday possible from eastern texas, louisiana, and sections of mississippi. tornadoes will be possible, large hail and even some damaging wind gusts in excess of 60 miles per hour. so a lot of weather going on across the country. we'll keep you updated. back to you, steve, gretchen and brian. >> gretchen: actually just brian. >> brian: it's a war on wrestling. that's what it is. the sport was dropped from the summer olympic games being in 2020 by the international olympic committee. it's unthinkable! according to spokesperson mark adams, in the view of the executive board, this was the best program for the olympic games in 2020. it's not a case of what's wrong with wrestling. it's what's right with the other 25 core sports. now sports enthusiasts and lawmakers are speaking out in defense of this sport hoping the committee will come to its senses and reverse its position. now let's go meet a guy who was the michael jordan of wrestling. one gold in 72. ncaa titles and as a coach he went into championships.
5:41 am
dan, welcome. >> great to be here. >> brian: wish it was under better circumstances. what does it mean to your sport if there is no olympics as a goal? >> well, in our sport, that's the highest you can go. lot of sports, they just have -- the olympics are great and entertaining, but they have events like that all the time. even though the olympics are the highest in sport, we just -- that is it for wrestling. >> brian: since the 1800s, at the time a modern olympics. it's going back to 300s. it's always been part of it. what happened? why does the ioc say your sport is expendable? >> i think miscommunication. not being educated enough and it's just a matter of maybe it's a committee against another committee and it's not looking at the big sport. with that in mind, there has been some wrongs here. and because there is some wrongs, we got to make that a right. so the wrestling community has been stepping up here. but it's only ban week. we're trying to find out really what went wrong and we want to make those wrongs right. >> brian: so you're talking
5:42 am
about nations. over 200 countries compete in this from iran to russia to bulgaria, there has to be international outrage. if there is to be traction, it's going to be through you. what's the plan to get it back, because september they have a chance to correct their wrong. >> we want to win that vote. we want to -- we'd like to have them step up and say that well, we made a mistake, which that's probably going to be hard to do, just because probably don't make a lot of mistakes at that level. so we'd like to get them to say that the wrestling community really is well structured, well built. they have their things in order and we want them in the olympics. but it's going to take a full effort. it's not going to be easy. but we have already started. we've got 12 countries wrestling in iran right now. >> brian: wait, the u.s. is in iran wrestling? >> yeah, they're right now with a bunch of other countries in the world cup and they're going to be meeting on this, what's taken place in the next few days. >> brian: so is there any place for us to go for those who respect the sport for the
5:43 am
discipline, for the competitiveness and the character it builds, anything we could do to help out? >> yes. what you need is need to go to our national governing bodies main web site, the they will -- >> brian: the >> they will inform you actually what to do. each state is doing something, but that's the headquarters and that's what you need to follow. >> brian: you are the ultimate winner. if anyone could pull this out, it's you. wrestling royal. a thrill to have you in studio. >> thank you. >> brian: nice to know you won your olympic berth if gretchen's hometown and you grew up wore shipping steve doocy, is that right? >> going to iowa. i have great friends from there. >> brian: what a bond you have. >> steve: no kidding. >> brian: maybe after the show, steve, you could wrestle him. >> gretchen: my high school won a ton state championships in wrestling. so i know why they had that competition there. >> brian: they got to sober up and put it back. >> steve: like what he just said f iran thinks it's a good idea, maybe the olympics should as
5:44 am
well. >> brian: yeah. >> steve: crazy. straight ahead, remember this? steve carell in the 40-year-old virgin acting like a big kid. >> come on! come on! >> steve: it may be funny, but not that unusual. our next guest explains why a lot of guys are having a hard time manning up
5:45 am
5:46 am
5:47 am
>> gretchen: are today's middle age men acting more like 40-year-old children instead? >> now i am making your silver pants blue. >> come on! come on! ♪ around the world ♪ got a weird thing to show you you ♪ ♪ . >> brian: a recent study by most men don't consider themselves middle age until they're 55. why?
5:48 am
>> gretchen: let's ask kay, the author of "manning up." all right. kay, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: why? why do they consider that question that we posed? >> i think as a society, we're giving very mixed messages to men about what we want from them, how we expect them to behave. i write a lot about people in their 20s and the connecticut fusion there are rampant. are they supposed to ask women out for a date or say, we'll hook up later? are they supposed to pay for dinner? are they supposed to -- >> brian: hold the door. >> open the door, right. so all of these scripts that we used to have have been shredded. >> brian: why and how? >> well, feminism is one major reason, of course. women no longer want to be seen as needing protection, needing to be provided for and they don't need those things. but the problem is that a lot of women still feel that they want some of those chivalrous.
5:49 am
on one hand, you're supposed to treat women like they're independent, strong, autonomous people. on the other hand, well, maybe they want a little bit of door opening. >> gretchen: could it be how boys are being reared? can parenting have an effect on this? >> well, sure, it can. i think these are complicated scripts that we are -- new scripts that we are trying to provide and parents who are careful about teaching their boys to respect women, but also to treat them with some maybe general 'tillity at the same time. >> brian: if you watch "everyone loves raymond" or others, the man is the idiot. that's the message they're getting. >> that's right. that's another piece of this. the media is very, very sour on men these days. and i think that adds to the confusion about well, you don't want to be too forceful, too macho. that looks so stupid. >> gretchen: what can we do? >> well, wed into to be a little bit clearer with our boys, that
5:50 am
we still need them. we still need them in family life. we still need them to be partners to women. i think that a lot of what's happened is men have gotten the message that they're extraneous to family life. after all, 40% are born to unwed -- >> brian: let them knock over a few hummels. >> absolutely. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: that's why super glue was invented. we did a segment of how important marriage is to poverty. so this is fitting into that whole picture. >> that's right. sometimes we underestimate just what the breakdown of marriage has meant for men and i think it's added to these confusions. >> brian: i thought this was about the manning family. [ laughter ] it's the manning up. >> gretchen: they're doing okay, i think. check out the new book. thanks much. >> brian: guys, act like guys. you heard her. >> gretchen: hitting the road. >> their first stop, "fox & friends." we'll see what kind of trouble they'll be stirring up across america. >> brian: first let's check in
5:51 am
with bill hemmer. >> you manning up today? i'm asking gretchen. is he manning up today? >> gretchen: oh, let me check his texts. >> those weren't pecs. see you on radio, brian. it's another major american city about to go bankrupt? when will this end? a new campaign to get people to recognize minorities. it's novel. we'll debate its effectiveness. what the president said about those looming cuts that may come back to challenge his argument today and joe biden with a whole new message for gun owners. we are packed. we'll see you in ten minutes with martha and me on america's news room
5:52 am
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5:54 am
>> steve: who can forget these
5:55 am
meddling kids and their lovable dog? they always managed to solve a mystery by the end of the show. today the scooby doo crew is back solving crimes on stage. >> gretchen: they're back with us now. you guys are on tour, right? >> yeah. we've been on tour for about a month now and now we're traveling all over the country solving mysteryies. >> brian: and shaggy, how has it been going? has the audience been responsive? >> they're loving it. the kids really get to interact with the show and they scream as loud as they can whenever they can. it's really great. >> steve: how many times have we said to ourselves here on the curvy couch, i wish we had the guys from that show on to do a musical number. >> brian: right. >> why, in fact, we do. >> steve: let's get out of the way! ♪ .
5:56 am
>> hey, we're mystery, inc. scooby doo, where are you? in the scooby dooby doo, where are you ♪ ♪ we've got some work to do now ♪ ♪ scooby dooby do, where are you ♪ ♪ we need some help from you now ♪ ♪ come on scooby do ♪ i see you ♪ pretending you got a sliver ♪ but you're not fooling me 'cause i can see ♪ ♪ the way you shake and shiver ♪ where are you ♪ scooby dooby do ♪ we're gonna make music ♪ we're mystery inc now playing in sound ♪ ♪ we're mystery inc ♪ we're making the music ♪ to get you up while we're getting down ♪
5:57 am
♪ we're ready to help out ♪ we're mystery inc ♪ we really care ♪ we're mystery professionals ♪ we love to be professionally scary ♪ ♪ you know we got a mystery to solve so scooby do get ready for your act ♪ ♪ don't hold back ♪ 'cause scooby do when you come through you're gonna have yourself a scooby snack ♪ ♪ that's a fact ♪ scooby dooby do ♪ here are you ♪ you're ready and you're willing ♪ ♪ we can count on you scooby do ♪ ♪ i know we'll catch the villain ♪ ♪ scooby doo
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